Wednesday, October 12

Couch Potato

Stand-In for a Dog that Chased Me.
I Suspect Both are Couch Potatoes at Heart
It's really nice to be back in Northeast Tarrant County after a week off the bike while in Montreal. It's extra nice since Autumn is now in full swing and things change daily. I even got to try something I've been pondering for a while. Namely, what I'd do the next time a dog came after me. Well, at least it was SORT of a dog. It looked a lot like the little guy that's become my buddy, in the photo below. Well, the scofflaw in question was a bit bigger, but he was after blood. Or so it seemed. Instead of waiting for a bite, so I'd have to call animal control, I tried an alternate tactic.

No Need for the Speed Dial With My Effective Warning
THIS TIME, I tried something I think I remember Doohickie suggesting. Namely, I shouted out: "GET OFF THE COUCH!" Confused, the dog backed off. Afterwards, I concluded that I should make things even simpler for the NEXT potential attacker. I'm training myself so my automatic reaction will be: "BAD DOG OFF THE COUCH!"

But, there was even MORE excitement this week. As a matter of fact, it rained today. As in REAL rain. Checking back, this hasn't happened since last May. Unlike during our summer heat, people at work were amazed once again that I rode in to work. Even more amazing is that I stayed dry - UNTIL the walk in to the building from the parking lot bike rack. Those mud puddles without shoe covers can be treacherous. My shoes got sopping wet simply because those blue covers come off for the last little walk to inside. My motoring friends had the same risk. Some avoided the puddles. Some shared my fate.

Blue Booties Only Work Until You Take Them Off!
I've forgotten some of the finer points about wet weather commute cycling. Like the gloves will NOT be dry by the ride home, so it is a wise cyclist that takes an extra pair of gloves along when it's raining out. The change of seasons brings lessons to be learned once again.

Still, there's a taste of summer about. The ride home was mid 80's and sunny. The only remnant of the predawn rainstorm was the rain gear stuffed into my man purse.

Enjoy the Afternoon Warmth - It'll Be Gone Soon!


Anonymous said...

I think any self-respecting dog would have to chase you if you are wearing blue bags on your feet ! When you aren't wearing them, they are just practising...

Steve A said...

Those are NOT bags! They're "booties." Bags would be tacky to wear on one's feet. Even "W" doesn't wear "bags," he wears "stylish black plastic rain wear."

Oldfool said...

"stylish black plastic rain wear" is now what I'm calling my flip flops.
Has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna say, those "booties" wouldn't last 5 seconds up here in Canada. They must be for Texas Tenderfoots!! ;)

Trevor said...

Those 'Booties' look like the sort of thing a surgeon would wear in the operating theater rather than rain wear.....!!


Chandra said...

I like your style - both the approach to keep the dog from biting you and those practical booties.


Peace :)

Chandra said...

Here is a song for you, Steve:

Paz :)

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