Saturday, October 8

Je Me Souviens

Coat of Arms of Quebec
Is the motto seen on Quebec motor vehicle license plates. It also sums up a lot of the last week that will probably never get posted on this blog.

Lots of Stuff Happened This Week. This is Only One.
Je Me Souviens
For reasons totally unrelated to this post, I inquired of a French Canadian colleague about the motto's meaning. She indicated that "I remember" means that they had excellent memories of the past; going into the future. At the time, I remembered Wolfe and Montcalm, and the battle, (and, only to myself, Benedict Arnold), but, as I got to ride my road bike for the first time in many days, the Quebec motto; "je me souviens" could just as well apply to many of the bike posts I have read, and even sometimes commented on, while I was up in Quebec during the last week. What's more, they apply to world news.

Those Quebecois bear close watching, and pondering, as I ride from point to point around the DFW Metroplex. And, Thomas, this morning's ride was extra nice, even though no motorist was anything other than considerate or polite. What's more, I think the Chipseal affair is wrapped up and tied with a bow.

Je Me Souviens...
Rantwick's Tree is Safe - For the Moment. Quebec Trees are in Groups!
As Rantwick Says, A Group Might Well Overwhelm the King
IMO, We, in North America, Can TAKE THOSE Europeans On!
Je Me Souviens
On My Way Home, I Noticed Rubber on the Edge of a Bike Path.
I Noticed it AFTER I Almost Suffered a Diversion Fall
Je Me Souviens
This Guy Honked From His Parking Spot. I Think, However, His Honk was Not Intended Towards Me
I was Sipping Coffee at the Time. Who Knows if He'd Have Waved on the Road
Je Me Souviens
Back on the Bike After a Week of Driving
Je Me Souviens
Unlike Tim Horton, Starbucks has Free WiFi
Je Me Souviens
Smooth Roads and Light Traffic
Je Me Souviens


Rat Trap Press said...

Ha, I remember your little jar of coffee additive. The first time I saw it I thought it contained liquor. Irish coffee.

Steve A said...

In today's photo, the additive bottle contains Torani sugar-free chocolate. We've got some "cookie dough" syrup as well, but that is more of a caramel color that resembles OTHER liquors. I guess the almond and vanilla syrup looks like either gin or vodka. Vodka in coffee? Yuck!

GreenComotion said...

Welcome back!

Paz :)

limom said...

That's a good lookin C-dale!

Chuck Davis said...

There is nothing wrong with mixing up a bit of history w/ bicycling

I grew in west central Maine where we all knew about and many had traveled on the Arnold Trail

For the most it part it was an ungodly and ugly ill timed slog from the getting off the boats in Gardiner ME and heading up the Kennebec River > Dead River, over to Chain of Ponds > Lac Megantic PQ et on to Quebec City via the Chaudiere R

Je me souviens but struggle with the always finding the car keys and my beer

On a trip back to ME I have a trip planned with the tour bike up the Arnold Trail > Lac Megantic and back to Farmington ME via Jackman

Catherine March said...

The meaning of, "Je Me Souviens"?? Lol...I thought it meant, "I Am Learning To Drive"!!
~ Funny Female Francophone (aka: that French chick who lives across the river, in Ontario :)

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