Sunday, October 2

The First Left Has Pluses, Too

This morning, I went to work to do some cleanup prior to hunting for Canadian colorful trees. After all, we're in the process of becoming desert here in North Texas. Correcting an oversight in my last post, I included my favorite little barker I get the privilege of seeing when I take THE FIRST LEFT instead of the second.

This little guy just might suck me into bringing along dog treats for my morning commutes.

Stick Around Long Enough, and this Little Guy Will Still Give out a "Yip!"
The last photo is evidence that all the best bikes are red, albeit with lots of white as well. AND, in case anyone thought to ask, I gave the establishment in the last photo a hard time about having no bike rack, nor proper place to lock up a bike.

No Bike Rack Here. I Guess They Haven't Grasped the Concept that Cyclists Spend Money - YET...

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