Sunday, October 2

Fall in North Texas

You can really tell when it is Fall in North Texas. For one thing, my fellow bloggers stop "using that 'w' word I never mention any more" about the heat and start riding again. For another, we start seeing "Pumpkin Patch" places and corn mazes. For a third, I change my header.

Seen on my way home from work today, at a local church...

Myself, I'm looking forward to the challenges of when it gets cold and I get a chance to get my money's worth out of all that winter gear I've stocked up on at 70% off. Brrr, in advance.


limom said...

I like the new header too.

Anonymous said...

I think I like this header the best that I have seen you use yet. Today I got out the gloves for the first time, but gladly didn't have to use them after all.

John Romeo Alpha said...

They look like their gittin ready for some punkin chunkin.

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