Wednesday, October 26

St Louis SARAT Sadness

Sadly, while in St Louis, land of Texas Ranger opponents, I saw few trees worthy of SARAT consideration. I saw a nice group, but a piece of stainless steel intruded and the light was fading fast.

Sigh, I suppose I shall simply have to enjoy Rantwick's fine blog and SARATS contest from the sidelines. Still, perhaps a new King is waiting for me in Salt Lake City. BTW, this post is from an iPhone. It is hard to judge those tiny pictures!


Chandra said...

Go to the Chesterfield area? They may have some better foliage. However, it's stinking hot with little rain this year, in STL as well.

A couple of Schafly's later, you may think different though :)

Paz :)

Big Oak said...

That is a big hunk of steel. Kind of neat looking.

Many of our leaves have been blown to Cincinnati from the gales we've had here lately.

Hope you find some foliage.

Steve A said...

One thing I couldn't figure out about St Louis. How come they are ga ga over a losing Arizona football team? Too late to take Chandra's advice. On to SLC!

limom said...

Charlie Brown SARATS.

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