Thursday, October 27

Saintly Salt Lake SARATS

Perhaps, a rival to Rantwick's "King of Autumn" exists in the West. Salt Lake City, to be exact. You see, quite unexpectedly, across the walkway that passes the Salt Lake Temple, shown below, it turned out to be a possibly divine entry.

Salt Lake Temple
No, it wasn't the nice Nishiki.

Nishiki Bike, Parked Across from Salt Lake's Temple Square
Nor was it the Assembly Hall, shown below, nor even the Tabernacle.

Salt Lake Assembly Center
It WAS inside the Tabernacle. I think this might be a divine SARATS sign.

Divinely Inspired Fall Color Change, Unexpectedly Found inside the Salt Lake City Tabernacle; Also Home to a Choir


RANTWICK said...

Divine SARATS intervention? Eegads! Shall I just grab the photo from here for entry, or would you rather email me one?

Steve A said...

God might still have an even greater wonder in store!

cycler said...

Does artificial vegetation count? Seems a bit suspect...

My recollection of fall in SLC was that it was a blink and you'll miss it affair. The aspens turn and then almost immediately drop their leaves.

Check out the capitol (up the hill) while you're there- my handiwork :) (well, I worked on the renovation, and the earthquake proofing is pretty cool engineering)

Even more importantly you should check out the Red Iguana out towards the airport on North Temple. Fantastic mole'!

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