Monday, November 28

More Fall Color Candidates

It has been no real secret that I've been on the lookout for some fall color. Starting way back last December, I shot some trees after the last Rantwick Deadline, shown here. While one tree was pretty good, it isn't clear it would be eligible this year and it will definitely peak too late for this year's deadline. Then, in September, I shot some of the local Texas color, posting it here. People sneered. THEN, I looked for color in the great, soon-to-be frozen wilds of Quebec, posting them here. No lone trees. The colorful Canadian trees stood together in great herds.

After missing out in Texas and in Quebec, I sought fall color elsewhere. In Saint Louis, I wrote of a small, but colorful (brown IS a color!) example here. Then, I went on to Salt Lake City, where I found a colorful tree that seems to have been blessed by the hand of God, or at least a decorator at the Mormon Tabernacle. THAT example was shown here. What I did NOT show, at least not then, were some of the lesser examples, such as the poor little Saint Louis tree below, and one in SLC, that I refer to as "the Match Tree."

Returning back to Texas, I adopted the strategy Rantwick used with "the King." He cleverly watched a single tree and waited for it to reach its peak. Alas, my selected candidate never really got very spectacular. The "before" and "at" peak colors are both shown below.

And so, I think, I should consider sticking with the tree whose color never fades, the tree sung to by voices that might have come down from Heaven. A unique tree for Rantwick's contest. The ONLY tree residing indoors, and endorsed in the program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This Saint Louis Tree was Past its Color Peak

Utah, Home of the "Colorful Match Tree"
Colleyville Candidate Tree, Colorful, but Getting More So
Colleyville Tree, Two Weeks Later, Leaves Starting to Drop Fast
Even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sings of THIS Colorful Little Tree!
Under Divine Favor (Favour for our Canadian Friends), Its Color (Colour) is Everlasting, Eh?


Chuck Davis said...

I have a wood lot outside of Farmington Me where I grew up, went to high school, under grad, etc that we may be spending more time "enjoying" in a couple of years

There are fall colors everywhere and then are NE fall colors!

Steve A said...

NE fall colors are in a class by themselves. Quebec colors are pretty nice as well. However, I suspect I have the only entrant serenaded by a world-famous choir and its color will still be present after all those NE trees look like snow-covered sticks. Besides, no missionaries will come knocking on your door if you don't vote for the NE trees. Dare you risk the wrath of the spirit of Brigham Young?

Chuck Davis said...

Growing up in a small New England town can "spoil" you for any number reasons

In my 120 a. woodlot it's hard to see the "colors", mostly pine/spruce, but you don't have look far as the Sandy River (running by) hillsides have been in more than one album

When I was in undergrad school at now U of Maine-Farmington one winter semester I had a couple of mid week days free that I would ski patrol at Sugarloaf, no real lift lines, no $ lift (for me anyway-spoiled?) and not much of a crowd to "watch over"

.......let the Portland/Boston weekend crowd stand in line!

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