Thursday, November 24


Feeling a little churlish this morning, I went out for some coffee. Since it was pretty nice out, I rode the road bike. The major coffee chain based in Seattle, despite some recent fairly substantial improvements since their founder retook the reins of the company, hasn't figured out that most customers do NOT know what the difference is between a "syrup" and a "sauce," particularly when there's nothing to so note anywhere on the menu board. Not feeling too thankful afterwards. Perhaps it isn't time to buy coffee company stock yet...

It DID all turn around when I stopped at a four-way stop and a young motorist, off to my right, talking on her cell phone, stopping at the same time as myself, saw me wave her on, and so she went, waving a wave of thanks. Sometimes, little things simply make you thankful that most people understand how traffic ought to operate, and simply do so. A lot of people on bikes complain about thoughtless or inattentive motorists. Heck, I've made such compaints myself on some occasions. Well, I think a lot of people on bikes don't count how MOST motorists simply behave decently. And that is why traffic works as well as it does. Speed with safety!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


jeff said...

Traffic and life go so much more smoothly when the participants understand the rules, and show a little respect for their fellow travelers.

Chandra said...

Yet another thing I learn from you, Steve. I need to be more patient.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Paz :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could imagine you being a bit churlish!

cycler said...

saw a pair of step lions (like the sign dog, but on people's front steps) where one was wearing a pilgrim hat and the other a feather headdress. Pretty cute, but I didn't catch a photo.

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