Tuesday, November 1

Share the Road?

Lots of readers of this blog have seen advisory/warning signs with bikes on them, saying "Share the Road." However, "Share the Road" need not refer to bikes. For example, see the sign below from North Tarrant Parkway in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Are motorists, seeing this sign, to conclude that motorcyclists should only be treated politely when such a sign is present? Are motorcyclists supposed to use the sidewalk if such a sign is not present? I've also seen such signs on major freeways around North Texas. Are motorcycles "fair game" if such signs are not present? Well, to tell you the truth, my own theory is that some places have extra sign money they couldn't figure out how to do anything useful with. Same goes to "Share the Road" signs with bicycles on them.


Chuck Davis said...

Share the road signs are pretty much wasted paint as road signs go

They are neither cautionary or informative as speed limits or direction signs might be


Something like "Caution, Bicycles On The Road" makes much more sense

It deals with the "I didin't see it" (somewhat), and failure to use "caution" is a violation of civil law (negligence?)

Steve A said...

Actually, the MUTCD guidance for "share the road" suggests that these signs are for situations in which the symbol sign represents a situation where the picture might not be recognized as a slow-moving hazard that belongs on the road. Of course, as Chuck notes, such signs are FAR more common than the suggested situations.

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