Monday, October 31

Merry and Melancholy

Mostly, Halloween is a wonderful holiday. Still, it should also remind us of a darker side. As in Salem in 1692, where they hung witches. Actually, they didn't actually hang any witches at all. The only ones they killed were those who would rather die than confess to imaginary crimes they did not commit.

Tonight, amongst the festivities, I will remember the innocents, the last of whom were finally declared as such ten years ago tonight.

I suppose we "A" people are a bit more sensitized to this than most. Sarah A Wildes was one of three our family lost that year to a system of "guilty if you say you are innocent" rather than "innocent until proven guilty."


John Romeo Alpha said...

When I read the words of the Malleus Maleficarum, I think, they were in a distant place long ago, and we've come a long way since then. We have, right? Right? Shiver.

limom said...

Wow Steve!
Did you ancestors like step off the Mayflower?
Must know more.

JRA, did you really read that?

John Romeo Alpha said...

limom yes, until I gave up, most of the way through.

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