Tuesday, January 17


Entirely by accident, I almost witnessed a "right hook" collision on my way home from work. No, I was not an involved party, but I have to admit it was fascinating to watch the scenario unfold. It should remind us once again that it is unwise to pass on the right.

I was northbound, taking the role of the "red arrow" in the aerial view of Pipeline Road in Hurst, Texas. Pipeline is a somewhat conflicted five lane road. I had come upon the intersection and was watching the oncoming, eastbound traffic for a gap I could safely enter. Coming on, in the right lane (the lane of the green arrow, I saw an 18 wheeler truck heading east. Who knew what might be behind that truck? So I kept watching.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the 18 wheeler moved left into the left lane. Was the driver planning a left turn at my intersection? Well, as the truck completed the lane change, a BIG, silver SUV started to move forward, beginning to pass the big rig in his now open right lane. Well, the next thing you know, the 18 wheeler suddenly slowed (bringing the SUV forward further) and then it made its HARD RIGHT turn into a business driveway immediately in front of the SUV in his/her blind spot.

Well, that SUV driver was too startled to honk. So keep in mind that such a situation can and does victimize road users regardless of their vehicular choice. That SUV would have definitely fared poorly had this been more than just a "close call." No charges were filed in this incident - no police were present. Remember that there is a good reason why they have those "wide right turn" warnings on big rigs. Also remember that, most often, BOTH parties to a crash made one or more operating errors. Be safe out there.


Chandra said...

Thanks for this post about road manners.

I see this more often as well. And, I see it when I drive my bike and when I drive my truck. It is too dangerous and discourteous to behave in this manner, no matter what vehicle you are passing and what vehicle you are operating. I wish people wouldn't do it! Period!!

Paz :)

Khal said...

Passing a big rig on the right is rather dangerous because of just this predictable scenerio, as their own signs on the backs of the trailers often warn us. Did the big rig driver have turn signals on?

All the more reason to keep one's situational awareness alive and well between the earlobes.

Thankfully, Steve, the title had to do with traffic and not politics!

Steve A said...

Khal, I'll admit I had fun with the title. The original title was "Nearly Right Hooked," but I couldn't resist after that hard right in the text. As you know, I tend towards the Ron Paul end of the spectrum, but without the abrupt departure from the world stage and equally abrupt departure from our current monetary context.

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