Monday, January 16

Simple Cold Weather Locking Tip

Hung Like THIS, Rain Drains into the Locking Mechanism and Freezes. WD-40 Helps Some
Last winter, I related my problem of a U lock freezing so that I couldn't open it. This is a lock that I leave at the rack at work. I really do NOT like to lug heavy locks around, but I DO like to lock my bike securely. WD40 helped. The lock was left on the rack as shown above.

HOWEVER, I found an even better solution for keeping U locks operating in freezing cold weather. THAT solution is seen below. What could be simpler than simply hanging the lock so moisture drains OUT of the mechanism instead of INTO it? DUH!

NOW, all we need are some HARD freezes to test this theory out. February is coming, so I'm optimistic...

Hung Like THIS, Moisture drains Out of the Lock and Avoids Freezing the Mechanism in Place
OnGuard has a Cover that Rotates to Keep the Key Working. My Kryptonite Hasn't Got Such a Cover


limom said...

Wow, that saddle looks really, uh, well used.

Trevor said...

I hope this works for you.....nothing worse than struggling with a frozen solid lock.
Seems such a simple solution- I will look out for the results.


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