Thursday, January 12

Like Riding a Bike

I'm still in Montreal. Tonight, on the way home, there was a bit of snow on the roads. A caller in to a local radio station exclaimed: "Everybody's forgotten what to do when it snows!" 30Km later, I pulled into the hotel up in the Laurentians. Snow driving. Three times a week to Stevens Pass sticks with you for car control in snowy, winter conditions. Just like riding a bike. Time will tell if things are so sweet going back DOWN the hill. On a bike or in a car, I have found going uphill safer than going down. After all, going up the hill, you WILL be able to stop. As in skiing, an "oops" can result in a long slide. I just hope those AA pilots don't forget what to do in the snow. Luckily, expectations are higher for commercial airline pilots are higher than we expect from road users.


Chandra said...

Have a great time in Montreal!
Paz :)

RANTWICK said...

Hey man, I regret not reading blogs for a while just when you're posting on things Canuck!

Maybe it is better I wasn't around to bug you... anyway, enjoy the the Great White North, my friend.

Alex said...

Were you riding in that first picture? I'm just asking because I've never had much luck with snow like that on the road. I have a folding bike, and when the roads start looking like that, I take the bike home on the bus. Did you have studded tires? It's something I've thought about, but haven't made the leap yet.

Steve A said...

I rode that day on Conti 4 Season tires in the 28c width. Snow was little problem except where it hid black ice. This winter, if we have a similar storm, I plan to use my cyclocross tires. Studded tires would be more trouble than they would be worth in North Texas. As it was, last year, I drove a total of four times - all due to ice. If this year is as "bad," I think the cross tires may cut that down to nil.

Justine Valinotti said...

Je vous espere bontemps pour votre voyage en Montreal!

Steve A said...

Justine, Mercy buttercups!

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