Friday, January 13

Spam Spam Spam

Trying to sneak on my blog today, "Helena" wrote:
"You should consider how a filing may affect your life, how not filing may affect your life and then decide which results are better for you..."

Is this kind of stuff increasing on blogs my loyal reader may write or read? Now you know one reason I moderate comments on all posts older than 14 days. It makes it tougher to sneak "bankruptcy" comments in such as the one above.


cycler said...

I've been getting a lot more spam on my blog.
I have also been getting more comments which are hard to qualify- they're on old posts, which generally =spam, but they don't seem to actually BE spam. I just don't understand why someone is commenting something like "Nice" on a 4 month old post...
I approve them if they're not obviously commercial/ spam, but I wonder if I'm somehow being hoodwinked.

Khal said...

I get occasional spam, but what I have been getting a lot of lately is a huge amount of referer spam. Hundreds of hits. Blogger says not to click on them, just ignore them. It is a pain, though.

Oldfool said...

I've been getting hit a lot too. If it's older than 7 days I want to see it first.

RANTWICK said...

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Chandra said...

I have received a few of them as well, sometimes in foreign languages. I am for moderation, as long as one's got the time.

Paz :)

PS. Cool boots!

adventure! said...

Yeah, I've gotten the "aerospoke" spam, which is basically a basic vague comment like "very nice" and then the link is to the Aerospoke website in Japanese. It seems like they show up more on older comments but not always (a good reason to moderate comments for older posts.) As a matter of policy, I'll always check the links for new comments, and if it's to a commercial site, gone.

While we're on boxes of soap, how many of you have been offered a "free guest blog entry" by someone associated with a motorcycle site?

Velouria said...

Yup. I regularly receive these and some are very clever, hard to distinguish from real comments. Mine however are not limited to old posts. After every new post at least a couple of spammers try to sneak in.

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