Wednesday, January 4

Path Passing on the Darkest Mornings of 2012

Well, the challenge was posted. HERE. What is proper trail etiquette? This morning, I simulated same on a video. You'll see how things worked. No pedestrians were harmed in the making of this video and I'll imagine that y'all can see one reason why pedestrians present no danger when I pass, even if they go the WRONG WAY, as well as one reason why paths are a bit skitchy when I ride them. Really, I prefer roads. They're SO predictable!

OTOH, Cross bikes RULE!!!

Passing an Imaginary Pedestrian, ON a Path, ON a Cyclocross Bike


RANTWICK said...

You be a freak, baby. My kind of freak.

Pondero said...

Very clever.

I've actually used that technique on occasion.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Imaginary pedestrians are always so kind and cooperative.

veesee said...

Aw man, the imaginary pedestrians are the most fun to run over!

Steve A said...

Awww, now y'all are making me wish I'd yelled something rude at the imaginary pedestrian!

GreenComotion said...

Good one, Steve!

Sometimes, the loudest "passing on your left" ain't loud enough for the special pedestrian with the headphones and the pedestrian on the phone. I used to reserve my Air Horn especially for them kind. I don't use a Air Horn anymore, by choice. But I still announce my passing, as do you Steve!

I find it more annoying to be passed by a stealthy cyclist, going at 15 mph or more, who does not announce his/her passing me.

It is all in the mix, eh?

Paz :)

Michael said...

Gah, had a few run ins with yappy little dogs on long leashes while riding on a trail today. I hate those things.

Occasional trail users seem pretty clueless about trail etiquette, you can "on you left" all day long and they either wont have a clue that you're talking to them or they'll move to the left. I can zip by just fine with an "on your left" if there's just a couple of people, or their frequent users who know about proper trail etiquette.

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