Wednesday, January 4

Resolution Tested

Yesterday morning, my resolution wavered. It was dark. It was cold. The Armadillo blew off the rear rim of my wife's bike (modern tire on an old, non-hook bead rim. About 3/4 miles from home which is too close to want to fix it in the dark but far enough to let me THINK; "Golly, maybe I ought to simply DRIVE" to work. After all, I hadn't done anything to get Buddy properly tuned after I got it back from the shop (at a cost of 0.6 Jaguar Units - bikes ARE different). Even when I got home, I thought about it once again. But then, all the stuff I'd taken off to take it in appeared, the tires were topped off, and then I was suddenly off again. A close call. Seeing the dusty parking pass didn't help...


Chandra said...

Good job on not succumbing to the temptation! I wouldn't expect anything less from you though :)

Paz :)

RANTWICK said...

I've been succumbing like crazy for the last long while. Stupid second vehicle. I used to say I wouldn't drive if we had one... I was wrong. On the up side, I quit smoking again on Christmas Day and the winter riding juices are once again beginning to flow. WTG on staying cycle-mad. I'm bouncing back, I swear.

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