Monday, February 13

Bicycle Dreams Part 1

Sleeping Panther, Symbol of Fort Worth. Based on a Dallas Tall Tale
I rarely dream about bicycles or things regarding bicycling. Much more often, I dream of performance driving with Jaguars or Alfa Romeos. I have no idea why this is the case, but it is. Perhaps it stems from the days, when I was working on my Master's Degree, when a half hour drive down Topanga Canyon Boulevard represented the ultimate in vacation luxury. Perhaps it stems from long drives in Alfas between Los Angeles and Seattle. Perhaps, it is just the way things play out.

Regardless, last weekend, I DID have a bicycle dream. Actually, it spread itself over two nights, making it plural. Buddy, my main transportation bike, featured prominently. In it, I rode Buddy to work, much as I do pretty much every workday I don't ride one of the other family bikes. Strangely, however, a crowd gathered at work, surrounding me and Buddy.

The Little Lame Prince
For reasons unknown, Buddy and I were the center of attraction and people soon swept us up. Shortly thereafter, Buddy and I were separated. At first, this seemed natural and pleasant. However, soon, Buddy disappeared from view. I called out for the bike. But, Buddy was nowhere to be seen. Nobody admitted knowing where the bike had gone. And then, I woke up. Buddy was nowhere around.

Like the Leaves on this tree, in my Dream, Buddy was GONE, GONE, GONE


limom said...

That first pic looks like the hood ornament of your Jag taking a nap.

When I dream of bicycling, I'm always slow.
Oh wait.
That's in real life.

Big Oak said...

Be sure to give Buddy a big hug when you see him again.

Jon said...

Buddy was in the room where you were supposed to be taking a Final Exam, in a class you never attended...No, wait! That's my nightmare!

Chuck Davis said...

(OT) That park photo looks like it was from "Blow Up"

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