Thursday, February 16

Bicycle Dreams Part 2

At the end of my first night dream, Buddy had simply gone off with someone and was nowhere to be found. When I awoke, this was disturbing, but I knew the bike was not really gone. Or at least so I though. I didn't actually go check.

Then, the following night, I experienced a continuation of the dream. As mysteriously as it went away, the bike simply came back. And, as strangely, it's return seemed simply ordinary. At the end of it, I concluded that bike dreams seemed a bit like bikes in real life - simply ordinary and a bit dreamy all at the same time.

Come Monday, I rode to work in the rain. Later, a coworker I'd never met made a point of meeting me. I'm not exactly sure why, but he thought riding in a "postal mix" was something extraordinary. Actually, the name "postal mix" was a weather term I had never heard before Monday. For those not "in the know," a postal mix consists of a little rain, a little sleet, and a little snow. Cool, eh?


John Romeo Alpha said...

Sometimes you don't want to wake up from continuing dreams. If a ride thru a postal mix is waiting, maybe that's a good thing.

cycler said...

Around here it mostly gets called "wintry mix" but "postal mix" is a lot more poetic.

My "favorite" New England weather term is "raw"
for cold wet windy days.

Jon said...

That makes "going postal" sound a lot more fun.

Chandra said...

Another cool post! That's a manageable dream, I suppose. The one I had 3 months ago was very scary. Someone swiped my bike, while I was on a cycle tour in a foreign land, somewhere in Asia.

Some believe we dream about things we love.

Paz :)

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