Tuesday, February 7

One Point Perspective

You might wonder about blogs and what possesses those that write them to do so. Occasionally, I wonder that myself, and note bloggers I GREATLY enjoyed (like here and here) that have moved along in the recent past.

Well, I cannot speak for others, but I pick up reminders and inspiration from my fellow bloggers. FOR EXAMPLE:

The last time I drove to work was a year ago on Thursday. An inspiration to keep "the string" going is this post, made by the "Cal Ripkin" of bike commuting. A record that I will never approach. Much like his namesake.

AND, the banner of this blog, from one whose artistic predilections appeal to one who could never be more than an artistic poseur.

AND, spurs to do better from here.

AND, finally, from a post that reminded me of the good and bad of my own v3 versus v2 commutes. It really IS nice not to ride an hour and a half in pitch black darkness.

It is nearly time for Spring to spring!


limom said...

I'm blushing.
Thanks for the kind words.
May DFWPTP live long and prosper.

Big Oak said...

yes, those were two great blogs, and the others who remain are excellent, too.

Congratulations on your year of commuting. It takes great dedication to do what you have done, especially as far as you commute.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Blog long, and prosper, and may your next bicycle swap provide you with much excellent stuff.

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