Monday, February 6

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last Winter, I FELT BOLD, With the Snow Flying All Around. None of That, This Year

Palm Tree - Still Dead This
Winter Due to Freezes in 2011
It was a year ago this week that I last drove to work. You can judge the conditions from the banner at the top. That shot was taken a year ago as of Saturday. And that was better than previously, where ice led to uncontrollable spills. In the news, ice slid off Cowboy Stadium and THAT was major cause for injury concern for the Superbowl attendees.

The Last Ice of Last Winter. There's Been None Since
THIS year, our temperatures have been hitting the low 70's on occasion. I can't recall any temperatures much under about 25F.
Perhaps all that winter clothing I bought last summer at the 75% off sale is doing some good!

Did Getting All This Stuff Cause Our Unusually (Even for North Texas) Mild Winter?


Big Oak said...

Thanks for buying all that winter gear, it's even helped us in NE Indiana!

Please, DO NOT buy any bargain basement swimsuits. Last summer was hot enough!

cafiend said...

Up here in "snow country" we have just enough crap on the sides and encroaching into the roads to make riding hazardous along my commuting route. My alternative route, along the rail trail, is covered with frozen inconveniences. That being said, if the conditions haven't become significantly wintery or more like spring when Daylight Relocating Time hits I can ride the mountain bike commuter on the trail without the need for lights. I will need the base mileage to prepare for the full commute after a hideously sedentary winter.

veesee said...


Alex said...

I can't believe how warm this winter has been either. I commute on a folding bike, and at least once a week, I expect to be taking the bike home with me on the bus, due to unsafe road conditions. But this winter, I think I've done that maybe twice, and once was because it started raining while I was at work, and I hadn't packed my raincoat that morning. I wish every winter were like this one...

cafiend said...

Don't worry, Alex. Before long they all will be. I don't know what northern New England will use to replace maple sugar and skiing in its economy, since the weather here tends to discourage cycling even if it doesn't support other forms of winter locomotion. Something will turn up. One must always hope.

limom said...

Dude, you look like you're riding around in a hazmat suit.

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