Tuesday, June 19

REAL Danger

In case you've forgotten my post on the GIANT danger that faces cyclists in the South of the USA, please note the photo below. I got UV damage last weekend and y'all saw my glove tan. USE IT!


John Romeo Alpha said...

I have started using sunscreen regularly this year. I look for the ones labelled with the new FDA "Broad Spectrum" wording.

Chandra said...

Thanks for this super important PSA, Steve. I want to add 3 important things, if I may:
1) It is important to apply it frequently when you are out and about. Applying it just once before you head out is not enough. 2) One can get sunburned even on a cloudy day. 3) Even if you have darker skin, you can still get sun burned. 4) Long sleeved shirts may reduce sun damage.

Paz :)

Trevor said...

Never ride without it during the summer months...even on the cloudy days....


Khal said...

Good point. Especially up here in Santa Fe or Los Alamos at 7000 feet.

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