Monday, June 25

Summer Arrives

Riding home today, the thermometer on my bike computer claimed it was 113F. In the sun and on a dark road, it bumps things up compared to the shade. According to Weatherbug, it reached 106F. It didn't really SEEM that hot. Still, I suppose it is time to change the blog header. Those flowers have now given way to green foliage. Last summer, our hottest day was 110F. If things get that hot this year, I'll be ready to take my "foggy weather" route home. The "foggy weather" route has no fast, downhill stretches.


Oldfool said...

Yeah but it's a dry heat! Har!

Trevor said...

We are in no danger of it getting that hot here....It would be great today if I could even see the sun..!!


Chandra said...

Super toasty!
Stay hydrated :)

Paz :)

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