Tuesday, June 5

Shameless Plug

The Family's Youngest, in a Tree Well at Stevens Pass, Washington. "The Pouty Skiier"
Mostly I write about cycling topics on this blog, but today I digress for a shameless plug. You see, a major family milestone was reached last week. Our baby graduated from Colleyville Heritage High School. I saw tears in my wife's eyes. Me too. Kudos to one we called "The Pouty Skier."

Three Sisters. The Youngest Just Graduated


The High Schooler Learns How to Pass Cyclists - "Make FULL Lane Change When It's SAFE!"
I Believe That Lesson Sunk Home and Will be With Her FOREVER

CHHS Drum Major

Graduates File In


limom said...


John Romeo Alpha said...

Congratulations! Not to read ahead, but does that empty nest situation yield room for additional bicycle purchases?

Pondero said...

Congratulations to her and your family! You are appropriately proud, and that is wonderful to see.

Khal said...

Congratulations and all the best as she enters the world post High School. And of course, my congratulations to the parents for a job well done.


Trevor said...

Thanks for sharing this important family milestone with us Steve...
Congratulations to you all..


Ham said...

Yay!!! well done, milestones always let you know how far you've gone

Chandra said...

Congrats, Steve!

Paz :)

John said...

Congrats on a job well done. =)

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