Wednesday, June 6

Guessing Wrong

I Don't Really Enjoy Riding in Lightning Storms!
Weather in North Texas can be "interesting." This morning, it was 79F when I left for work. The weather lady on television (I DO miss Jennifer Lopez doing weather) was somewhat noncommittal. "40% chance" combined with "heavy rain and thunderstorms" is definitely a "don't blame me" forecast.

Still, my only concession was to bring along a few plastic bags to cover bag contents and saddle "just in case."

Well, read the title and you know the outcome. About an hour before quitting time, any frog outside would have drowned. I did manage to avoid most of the lightning danger when I left - two hours later. The temperature - for the "hot" part of the ride - 70F.

On occasion, commuting in a closed car would be OK. Today would have been such an occasion. It is rare that I run with lights on in June on the ride home. Even my kids called to see if I wanted a ride home. Did I want a ride TO work?
These Would Have Been Nice on the Way Home - Modeled by My Youngest

Still, all in all, it WAS a pretty nice day to ride to work. Though I did get reminded inadvertently of the great danger cyclists face. Especially those in lower latitudes...
These Guys Had Rivers Where Rivers Usually Do Not Go

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