Thursday, June 7

Simple Motorist Wisdom

THESE Tattered Pants Now Reside on my LH Bookshelf for the NEXT Time the Weather Goes BAD While I'm at Work
Thanks, Jerry C!
Mostly stuff I hear from motorists at work regarding cycling is pretty silly, irrelevant, or even almost threatening if I were inclined toward paranoia. I really do NOT need to hear fantasies about cyclists as "hood ornaments." On rare occasions, however, a pearl will come my way from a motoring co-worker. Yesterday was such a day.

Yesterday, I bet on the come that I would not need rain gear. I lost that bet. In the process, however, some simple motorist wisdom came my way. Without any intention of insulting my loyal reader, my own experience is that engineers have an unusual level of insights about things compared to "regular people." As it turned out, this observation came from an engineer. Actually, from one of my engineers. More details would confuse y'all so I'll avoid them.

The wisdom? Leave a set of the "less best" rainwear at work for those days when the weather goes bad when it shouldn't. Duh. Why didn't I think of that? Basic rainwear is almost as cheap as the electricity costs of running the drier to dry out soaked clothes nowadays. Why keep all THREE pairs of my rain pants at home?

Now, all I need is an obvious way to not have to worry about lightning, hail, tornados, or deep snow and I'll be completely set.

Thanks, Jerry C. A set of rain pants now reside in my LH upper bookshelf, and I'm shopping for a second waterproof jacket. The old one was getting a bit tattered anyway, so duplication makes sense. Now, stop patting yourself on the back and finish getting that roofbeam sized!

From Wikipedia - "Up and at em!" One MORE Step Past "Fair Weather Cyclist." BUT I Still Need Lightning Strike Protection...


cafiend said...

I never used to worry about lightning. Then one day I really thought about it. I wasn't casual about it before, but now I really pick up the pace when the zapping starts.

Justine Valinotti said...

Steve, you and I must have been living parallel lives,at least yesterday. I probably should keep a cheap poncho or cape or something at work, too.

As for lightning: I don't worry about it when there are buildings and trees and such around me. In open areas, though, I high-tail it. Once I think I came within a hair of being struck: I felt the tingles throughout my body.

John Romeo Alpha said...

There's probably a full gamut of stuff that would make sense to keep at work, just in case. Spare tires, tubes, a floor pump, patches, a few parts, extra clothes, rain gear, a spare wheel, handlebar tape, etc. I don't have any of it. Yet.

Steve A said...

Actually, JRA, I DO keep a few items at work. An inexpensive floor pump from Wally World is great compared to any bike mini pump and a tube is nice as well. I also keep my yellow duct tape there.

Chandra said...

My pack stays pretty much the same throughout the year, except when it is below freezing. I add some serious gloves to my arsenal then.

I like the yellow :)

Paz :)

Khal said...

Here in BombTown, one has the opportunity to have lightning near misses quite regularly. Its not for the faint of heart.

Khal said...

So Steve, what exactly is the ME-109 connection? Not the first time I have seen that pic on your site. I might have to reply with a P-51 on my site!

Steve A said...

You do a P-51 and I'll escalate with an F-5. Actually, the 109 is usually paired with the analogy of the Luftwaffe over Normandy in "The Longest Day." One pass and back to base. I simply decided to focus on the interceptor - always ready to go out.

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