Saturday, July 7

First Impressions

Recently, I got the new edition of Effective Cycling by John Forester. The paperback version is about $27 and there is a Kindle version for $21. For such a minimal reduction in price for the electronic version, I think most would be better off with the reality of paper.

HOWEVER, I took the paper version on a trip with me and it is definitely not a "lightweight" paperback. Despite many obsolete items removed since the 1993 edition, this book is not one to lug around.

In weeks to come, I will do some "compare and contrast" snippets. For now, Beck should note that "road sneak" appears to have disappeared, but there is still a lot of irritating "cyclist inferiority" psychobabble.

My first impressions are: "worth the $27 to one that appreciated the last edition."

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GreenComotion said...

I will be curious to hear all about it through your posts!
I still haven't completely read the one I bought a year or so ago.
Some portions of that book put me to sleep.

Paz :)

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