Wednesday, July 11

Rain Repellant

Rain Repellant in ACTION!
This week has been a bit odder than usual for July in North Texas. Rain has been in the forecast. I imagine that the rain forecast has partly been prompted by my working on our sprinkler system. While I haven’t washed any of the family cars, that might clinch the deal.

However, I’ve been employing some rain repellant on my daily commute.
A while back, I took a cue from one of my motoring coworkers and stashed some rain gear at work. Since then, I’ve been trying to order up an improved rain jacket, but the outfit, “Department of Goods” via Amazon has pooped out on me twice now. So I’ve still got my old “O2” jacket which is plenty good enough for occasional wet weather such as we get around here.

Two days in a row I’ve carried that jacket in with rain in the forecast. Two days in a row not a single drop has fallen. Do others find carrying rain gear effective at keeping rain away?
Today, it was a "20%" chance of rain. In my book, that is weatherperson speak for "I don't really think it's going to rain, but don't blame me if you get wet." Weather jacket left at home. Broken skies on the way home so the weatherperson was revalidated...
My Youngest, Modelling Rain Repelling Gear
Now a PROUD CHHS Graduate and ON HER WAY to College


Chandra said...

I am thinking of riding without the rain jacket in my bag, even if they say the chance of rain is 80%, just so it rains. We need it bad!
Peace )

Steve A said...

You are SO provocative!!!!!!!!

Trevor said...

Carrying a rain jacket keeps the rain away for me ...usually!
This year nothing seems to keep it at bay.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I believe the forecast for PHX yesterday was also 20% chance of t-storms. Late last night the skies opened up 100%, with wind, rain, thunder, lightning, very loud and dramatic. I'm just not sure what 20% really indicates I should carry in terms of gear.

Tracy W. said...

Rain gear this time of year? Welcome the cooling splash of mud on your legs! I stopped carrying mine a while ago to eliminate the weight in my bag.

Steve A said...

20% chance of rain - forecaster code for "I don't really think it is going to rain, but if it does, I told you so!"

Steve A said...

Tracy - this is the best time of the year to shop for rain and winter gear! Showers Pass is closing out their touring shoe covers out at half off.

cafiend said...

For summer rain I usually carry only a wind vest so I don't get chilled when my clothes get soaked.

My rain repellent is my rain bike: a fixed-gear with fenders (featured in my wheel-flipping video). Riding that often suffices to keep the weather dry.

Nearby lightning strikes encourage haste when flipping the wheel at the height of land for the long run down-slope.

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