Thursday, July 26

So Long Patches Pals

Everyone I grew up with watched JP Patches spin a wonderful world from the City Dump in Seattle. "Check for a present in the washing machine, Nancy." Chris Wedes, the man behind the nose has passed away. Somehow, I suddenly feel old, through my tears. Rest well, you've earned it. Apparently, being a Patches Pal is a life sentence. Never mind, it's a "Seattle Thing" (my wife, from Everett, says that is wrong - they loved JP at least as much as we did in Seattle) and I will be back to an irascible Texas mode pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

I remember Patches from up in Bellingham, too.

Michael said...

Yeah, I grew up in Gig Harbor and shed a couple tears when I heard the news. Chris Wedes was an all around great guy.

Chandra said...

Peace mon ami!

cafiend said...

Dang, man! No one likes milestones of this sort.

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