Sunday, July 29

God BLESS British Engineers

Who's the Guy in the Top Hat? Abraham Lincoln? No - an ENGINEER!
The Olympic Opening Ceremonies contained a tribute that passed mostly without remark in American coverage of them. Among others, they honored one of the great engineers of history and one of my personal heroes: Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

For those that are not engineers (or a few architects), Brunel was a giant of the Victorian age. He broke new ground in railways and railway construction. He also did the same in other construction with ships such as the "Great Eastern."

I had to argue a bit with my kids as they only knew the actor as Hamlet. Well, he played an engineer as well this last week. Thanks, Brits, YOU ROCK! There is a reason many polls list IK Brunel as the #2 Brit of all time - after Winston Churchill and before any "Royal."

Passing of the Torch - Another Brunel Connection

Brunel - In a Classic Photo as Shown in Wikipedia. Compare With the Actor at the Top Shot


cafiend said...

I've always loved that picture of Brunel in front of the chains. "Yeah, we can build that."

Ian Brett Cooper said...

As an engineer (and a British one at that), I too relished seeing old IKB at the Olympics - and I thoroughly enjoyed explaining to my wife and daughter who he was.

Ham said...

And now, Bradley Wiggins. Sometimes, it is damn good to be British ;-)

Notice.... they BOTH have sideburns!!

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