Friday, August 10


Nobody Left a Yellow Card on this "Locked" Bike

Right now I'm in Ocean Shores, Washington. Thankfully, it is a low theft area and John Romeo Alpha is not lurking around with his little yellow cards. I knew my parents had no real bike pumps so we forked out $10 at the Wallyworld on the way in, but I didn't imagine there'd be no bike locks.

So I took the cheapest bike available and improvised with the bungy cord that looked most like an inadequate bike lock. In my own defense, there's no bike rack at the IGA anyway even though there are lots of people that ride bikes to go there. If I'd been serious I'd have brought the bike in with me or locked it to their "cart corral."

It worked this time.

Securely Locked Beach Cruiser


Durango said...

That looks like a rather fancy bike. It'd be a tragedy if it were stolen. Maybe a trek back to Wally World is needed to get some proper bike locks. Is there a Wally World in Hoquiam or Aberdeen now? I last saw those towns in 2004. I don't remember Wally being there then. Not that I was looking for him.

Steve A said...

Wally is in Aberdeen, as is Starbucks. The closest Trader Joe and Costco are in Olympia. My parents claim that Ocean Shores is a "theft-free zone," but I notice they lock their doors...

Chandra said...

You could use a chain if you had one and use a lock on it, if had access to those items.

There may be bicycle stores in Hoquaim?

Peace :)

cafiend said...

Yeah, you could assemble something from hardware store purchases, as we did in the olden days.

RANTWICK said...

I absentmindedly left my only prized posession, the fixed I built from scratch, outside my office, unlocked, for 4 hours today. I went to get it ftom its indoor storage spot, saw it wasn't there, and had that awful sinking stomach feeling. I went outside and there it was, untouched.

That bungee looks solid enough.

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