Tuesday, August 7

Hot in Seattle

Some of you, in some colder places, think it is as HOT AS HADES in North Texas. Indeed that would be true if it were not for two things. First, it's really pretty dry here when it gets up above 100F. Second, when you get back inside after the balmy bike ride home, you feel a bit chilly from the air conditioning.

It isn't like that in Seattle. When I got here, it was 93F. That is not a real DRY 93. What's more, since it rarely gets hot up here, hardly anyone has AC. It means they sweat. Quite a bit.

In other factors, I saw a lot more of those "really far right sharrows." I also saw NOBODY riding as far left as the RH wheel in any of those sharrow locations. In fact, I was AMAZED at how comfortable people felt riding really close to the curb at high rates of speed. I guess we're just sissies in North Texas.

In retrospect, I'm not sure I agree any longer with what a couple of ex-Texans once told us when we lived in California: "If I owned Hell and I owned Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." Maybe I'm just getting sentimental, but I've enjoyed riding to work each day so far this summer. Maybe you just enjoy heat more as you get OLD.


Pondero said...

I think you are "acclimated". I've gotten older and less acclimated. I don't like hot as much as I once did. I don't know anything about physiology, just a guess.

Chandra said...

93 for the Emerald City is hot!

Big Oak said...

I haven't noticed myself complaining much about the heat here this summer, although it's been blazing hot.

The cooler weather, lately, feels really good though.

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