Saturday, August 4

Therapy Like Knitting

Are Leaky Tubes "The New Knitting?"

When you ride, over time you accumulate bits that need fixing. Tubes are one such. While I sometimes repair them on the spot, more often it is hot or cold or I need to get somewhere and so I use my spare tube.

The leaky ones do not go to waste. Some fail due to things that make them impractical to repair, but many provide therapy somewhat akin to the way that some used to knit during gatherings. I went to a "BikeDFW" meeting and all the tubes shown in the above photo were either repaired or finally retired. Unlike knitting, no needles that the TSA would frown on are involved.


Jenny R. said...

Knitting is exactly what I thought of when I saw you doing that.

Thomkins Sandy said...

Since you really love riding your bike, you also got to take care of it by giving maintenance. I mean, fix if it's broken. Enjoy biking.

cafiend said...

You could strangle someone on the plane with that tube, pal.

Chandra said...

I have adopted your wise technique, Steve!
BTW, when I was younger the old tubes were useful for making rubber bands, which in turn were used to make "mechanized toys" or slingshots!

Peace :)

Jenny R. said...

I have my "knitting" tonight: putting together a wheel, freewheel, rim tape, tube, and tire.

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