Thursday, November 8

Sorry, Daughters

Personally, I may be better off with Tuesday's result - there is now continuity between the cutoff date of my "retiree" medical and the "guarantee" of other options that would have been absent with a different result. Still, my three children will have to pay the bill somehow - and I'm truly sad for that.

Like many parents, I'd trade much for a brighter future for them.

On balance, as is often the case, things could have turned out better - or worse.

Sign me - "conflicted"


cafiend said...

No matter who is in charge, life just seems to get more and more expensive. All anyone has is the present. Everyone is free to create a future as they see fit. And no one knows how it really turns out. Everything you do makes a difference. Nothing you do matters. It all just goes into the big mix with all the other measured and unmeasured factors.

At some point in the future enough suitably motivated young voters could decide to cut all the weak and the old loose from the tatters of the social safety net and let everyone live only their natural span. We could do what we used to do, producing many offspring so that a few could survive to create the next generation. Nothing in nature retires. It dies and gets eaten.

Civilization costs money. The big argument is about how we divide the resources our species collects. How much is an individual human worth? Is that value purely monetary? Is the person who amasses the biggest pile by any means necessary really the best person? That question is the basis of every argument about how to run a free country. Do all citizens deserve freedom from want? Freedom from fear?

What's worse? Getting taxed by a government or gouged by a greedy private interest? Who provides the check on whom? A democratically-based society requires constant input and produces repeatedly imperfect results. As Winston Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Well said and interesting comment cafiend.

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