Thursday, November 8


Why Would a Motorist Need a Bag FOUR TIMES this Size Simply to go to Work?
Lately, I've been noticing a trend. More often than not, when I walk in from the bike rack to work with my compact bike purse (trunk bag to some of you), I'll see people walking in from their cars with a full, wheeled bag like you'd see pushing the limits of an airline carry-on bag.

These things have FOUR times the volume of my bag. I carry in my lunch and my work clothes. Anybody know why a motorist needs to carry in FOUR times that? Honestly, I hope one morning I'll see someone I know with one of these big, wheeled bags so I can find out. Even ancient technology such as a laptop wouldn't explain things and, mostly, motorists work in the clothes they drive to work. Hmm...

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cafiend said...

Because they can. When I get stuck driving the car to my often unstimulating job I pack a few items for entertainment. If I'm not riding my bike I don't have the mood-assist of the ride to help me through the tedious moments.

Some people might also carry more work-related items than you require. Or they might be pilfering on a major scale and want people to get used to seeing them with a large bag on a daily basis.

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