Thursday, December 13

Grumpier Commute

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Some weeks are pleasant. Some are like, well, like this one. It started with the weather. The weather has been below freezing in the morning and 60 or even above on the ride home. Those comfy thermal, waterproof Salomon boots are simply sweaty on the ride home.

It got grumpier on Tuesday. Not that I EVER wear earphones, but if I HAD (apologies to OJ Simpson's book), I'd have heard a local talk radio host WHINING and MOANING about bikes ON THE ROAD in Dallas. This guy, talking from a radio station that boasts "Intelligent" as part of its moniker, blathered on about "bike lanes" in Dallas (actually sharrows) and then dropped down to jokes about "squishing" cyclists and then dropped down even further to compare them as squirrels - with a "roadkill" threat implicit. Proof that even "conservatives" can be horses' patoots. Simply put, I do not like BS about "Bike Friendly," whether it is in favor for LAB or Dallas, or against by PM or a radio bike hater. I'll ride safely where I darn well please - from point to point.

Worst of all was this morning. I got to work this morning and someone was parked IN MY SPOT on the bike rack. This is a premium spot that I've used consistently for over two years now. In truth, I admit that I don't actually OWN the spot, but what made it especially irritating was being displaced by a steenkin motorcycle. Well, maybe not an official motorcycle, but a bike with a gasoline engine and a fuel tank duck taped to the top tube.

From Wikipedia - MUCH More Attractive Motorbike Than the One That Took My Spot
Thoughts of a couple of packets of sugar in the fuel tank flashed before me. Better than before, I understand the illogical rage some motorists feel when they see a cyclist on the road ahead. We DO need to all get along - including with the scum that sucked up my spot. I'll be looking for a couple of flowers to leave as apology for my nasty impulses. I'm glad I won't act on them and, after a few cleansing breaths, I'll surely be feeling better...


TrevorW�� said...

Well at least you didn't act on those impulses Steve....unlike some of the other road users out there.


cafiend said...

I always remember that my action invites reaction.

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