Monday, May 20

Sad Lonely Bikes

United Spirit Arena in Lubbock

Show 'Em Your Six Guns!
Last week, as in many other places around the US, Texas Tech University graduated their Senior Class and began summer vacation. We were proud that one of my daughters was amongst the graduates. She'd been seen on this blog, such as here and here.

Mongoose Bike Had Two Flat Tires and a Cheap Lock
The Saddle Was Worse than it Looks
Still, there was a note of sadness amongst the well-deserved happiness. That was for the poor, sad, lonely unloved bikes that were left behind by students leaving for summer vacation. Some of these bikes were "Wally World" style bikes, but some were worthy of respect.

By the time we left, I was almost wishing I'd brought along some lock breaking tools, but felt better after my daughter told me that the TTU police would cut the locks and donate the bikes. I wish them a little more love in the future.

This Bike Had No Lock at All - It'd Been "Straightened Up" at the Rack by a Sympathetic Passerby

Perhaps Saddest Was this Trek with the Rim Strip Failed on the Front Tire
The Bike is the Same Model My Daughter Has.
It Had a U Lock Around the Frame but the Wheels Were Unsecured
The Bike at Left "Appears" to be Locked but Wasn't


John Romeo Alpha said...

This one piece of sage advice I leave you, graduates: though you may leave your bike-shaped objects behind, may the ratio of bikes to people in your household always exceed that of cars to people. A recipe of much goodness.

RANTWICK said...

Dead. Dead! My god, they're all dead! Such is the fate of a bike with no rider. I'm feelin' sorta sad now. Thanks a lot. Congrats to daughter, though!

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