Sunday, June 30

Blog Fission

I'm making a few changes. Being in Ocean Shores, I'll post items with some bicycle content here. Items relating to Ocean Shores with NO bicycle content will be posted THERE. Some of those will be prompted by people and places I've come in contact through this blog. My CURRENT POST over at the Ocean Shores blog was prompted by Khal; resident of Los Alamos, New Mexico. It's also known as "bombtown." It is AMAZING what you can find at a local library!

Bike in Ocean Shores


cafiend said...

Another retiree gone fission?

RANTWICK said...

Holy cow does your new spot ever look nice. Jealous, I am.

Invisible Man said...

Nice photoshop work with the grass to make it look like it hasn't rained for a while. Clever.

Cycler said...

In all the business surrounding starting my shop- I totally missed that you had moved. Congratulations, and I'm sorry we never got to meet up in DFW. Enjoy the new place!

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