Thursday, June 20

Local Rules

Like King Tut's Tomb, "Wondrous Things" Were in the Trailer

We've been here in Ocean Shores for a week, now. It is becoming clear that some things are different from the big city. Like bike racks and locks. Like locking a bike is the exception rather than the rule and mostly people simply park them next to the front door of the local business.

When we opened an account at the nearby bank, I asked about bike parking. The assistant manager said she often rode her bike to work and simply left it out back. JRA would quickly run out of yellow cards.

What's more, Ocean Shores is MUCH flatter than DFW. Two speeds is pretty much enough for most bikes. My S3X is almost perfect.

Could Those be Ortlieb Panniers?
Later, we'll talk about the "FTR" rules and how they apply up here.


RANTWICK said...

Sweet! Your short-timey quickie lock cable thing may be all you ever need!

RANTWICK said...

Also: Ortliebs. Mmm Hmm.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I would love to live in a civilized place where the short-timey cable thing was all that anyone needed.

limom said...

So when is the party?

Steve A said...

Limom, the party starts when you get here. Ditto for others. We're looking at canoes as well.

cafiend said...


Chandra said...

Ortlieb -- cool!
I want to see them mounted on the bike plz!

Paz :)

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