Friday, February 21

Eleven and ZERO

Canadian Skip, Jennifer Jones,
Considers the Start of the Gold Medal Round
It was one of those. A record that cannot be broken. It’s a record much like “unassisted triple play” or “perfect game” in baseball. You see, Team Jennifer won the womens’ curling gold medal for Canada with eleven straight wins. It was their first since 1998. They did it against a good Swedish team that was defending the gold for their country.

I watched it from “pre-match” at 5AM until the Swedes collapsed in the 9th End after an 8th End Canadian score that was only microns closer than themselves to the Button. Heck, I didn’t even get a chance to ride out for espresso at my usual time!

The Canadians got a Double Steal in the 9th End
To their credit, the Swedes were a class act, but this was THE Canadian year. With even a “double double” possible…

This Shot was GOLDEN!

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