Tuesday, February 11

Foggy Espresso Ride

Mild Weather Supports Palm Trees in Ocean Shores, Washington
Ocean Shores, Washington DOES have weather other than rain and wind in the winter. As shown in my previous post, there is an occasional touch of “North Texas Style” frost and snow. This morning, fog set it to emphasize the “ACE” nature of weather.

These Property Owners Might as well say "No Deer Wanted"
For those unfamiliar with the term, “ACE” stands for “Ability,” “Conditions,” and “Equipment.” This morning, it became apparent the term would apply equally well if the “E” stood for “Environment.” I was heartened to see a fairly heavy fog across the lake from my house this morning. You see, fog means it isn’t raining or snowing, it isn’t REALLY COLD, and it isn’t very windy. PERFECT cycling conditions for the wimpy cyclists around Ocean Shores. I took along my best camera to capture a few of the local sights for y’all.
First up, you can see that weather really isn’t too extremely cold in the winter, given the palm tree shown above. This is in contrast to the dead palm shown here that was in North Texas. Next, you can see that roses and other “delectable” vegetation requires protection if it is to survive against the local deer herds. There are also long, narrow canals that divide the Ocean Shores’ peninsula, though foggy conditions do not show locales such as the “Bass Canal” to their best advantage. The golf course also looksdifferent in the fog.
Bass Canal in Ocean Shores, on a Foggy Morning
I find it notable how different fog seems to a cyclist in Ocean Shores than in North Central Texas. In Texas, fog is a cause for concern since overtaking motorists have less than their usual half minute to decide how to pass a cyclist. In Ocean Shores, the motorists are fewer and slower. Among other things, the large deer population keeps motoring speeds down. In Ocean Shores, fog is a delight, though I’m inclined to bring up one of my rear lights from Texas for the occasional motorist that drives in fog without lit headlights. Rear reflectors only work if lit from behind, despite the law that makes them “sufficient.”
Golf Course in OS on a Foggy Morning

OS Barista and an Approving Customer on a Foggy Morning
One constant in OS (well, unless the water froze in thepipes at the espresso stand) are the baristas. Kermit approves of hot coffee, with a bit of cream

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Chandra said...

We got fog and deer, but no big body of water near, unless I consider some of the lakes around here, which I haven't seen in person, yet.
We need to put some deer netting down on some of our precious plans.
Last year, we planted a bunch. The Alvin Family and the Bambi Family had fun at our cost.
I understand they gotta eat too, but they can eat some grass and wild plants, if you know what I mean.

Peace :)

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