Friday, February 7


Jennifer Jones, From Wikipedia
This marks the start of the winter Olympics. This year marks the first that Jennifer Jones has made it to the Canadian Olympic Curling Team. It's also likely to be her last chance.

Seriously, it's time to do ONE placing better. JENNIFER!!!

From My Own Post Made Four Years Ago. Maybe Jennifer Can Do What Cheryl Couldn't QUITE Get Done
IT's TIME to GO FOR GOLD in 2014! As Cheryl Said, "It's a Rough Road to Greatness."
Monday's the FIRST Round. As Bernard forecast four years ago, "today is your day.
Watch the video in FULL screen.

"Jennifer, Make us PROUD in 2014!"


Khal said...

The other day my wife asked me to explain curling to her....fortunately, I grew up a stone's throw from Fort Erie.

Steve A said...

Khal, it could have been even simpler; all you had to do was to tell her to CHEER every time she heard the word "Jennifer" on TV. It's as simple as that. It's a lot like having a Cy Young, a Vince Lombardi, or a Picabo Street around now. The Team Graham video sets things up for Jennifer perfectly...

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