Sunday, February 9


Typical "Cold" Morning in Ocean Shores. Frost Appears Even Though Air Temperature is well over Freezing
Usually, the weather is pretty boring around Ocean Shores, Washington. The temperature gets down to the low 40’s in the summer and into the 30’s in the winter. I’ve seen posts from around the country showing arctic conditions pretty much everywhere east of the Rocky Mountains. A touch of frost some mornings is about as frigid as things get. The winter weather is actually much milder than its North Texas counterpart. In truth, in January, the DFW low temperature was usually lower than Ocean Shores.

Still, even Ocean Shores experiences an occasional frigid spell. It started with temperatures dipping down to freezing, as shown here. Late last week it got colder yet. It got so cold that the local espresso stand I ride to each morning CLOSED due to frozen pipes. Rumor has it that this has not happened before in living memory and that we may be declared as a disaster zone.

FROZE PIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the HORROR!
BUT WAIT. It got even more dramatic. Last night it actually snowed. Things are, however, looking up since the espresso stand got its pipes thawed and reopened yesterday. While the roads were coated in white, mostly riding was not a lot different than usual except for one street, Albatross, and the gravel driveway shortcut that takes me past Ace Hardware and up to the espresso stand. You see, snow covers up the potholes. The drill was much as one would expect - don't make sudden starts or stops, or depend on doing any quick turns. Take it slow, and pretty soon the coffee will taste extra good. I noticed less than the typical motorist count at the driveup. Apparently those without 4WD stayed in bed, while "one-wheel drive" worked just fine.
Do You Have to Stop at a Stop Sign if It is Covered With Snow?
To keep the story short, our bit of snow simply got us into the mood to watch the Winter Olympics.       
The Raccoon Tracks Make it Look Like it was PARTY TIME! Bike Traction was Unimpaired (Mostly)

Doesn't Look Like Boating Weather...


Khal said...

Steve, do you run the same tires in the snow as during normal riding?

Steve A said...

Yes. Right now the bike has a 700c Armadillo with an IGH in the rear with a different style of 27" Specialized tire in front. Armadillos have lousy wet weather traction but they are good enough for OS. In Texas, I've considered swapping out to cross tires for ice and snow. No studded tires for this guy.

Khal said...

I put a set of cross tires on one set of wheels for winter and keep a set of Conti All Season tires on the other set, since their composition is supposedly better on cold surfaces. This winter, the cross tires have yet to see snow, but having them on the bike convinced me to ride some dirt trails home from work last week just for a change in scenery. The cross rubber is huge-- 700-42, but they only cost me five bucks for the pair at a local bike swap. They look really cool on the cross bike I use as a commuter. Slow, though, but hey, its winter.

Chandra said...

No espresso? That is a catastrophe!

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