Wednesday, August 20

Caw Caw

Crow in Ocean Shores
Washington State truly IS different than North Texas. You see, North Texas has few crows. Instead, it has grackles. Grackles look vaguely like crows (they are NOT closely related), except they congregate in larger numbers and have longer tail feathers. Both are black. Washington has, on the other hand, LOTS of crows and no grackles at all as far as I know.

Crow PAIR in Ocean Shores
Crow Surveys its Domain

Lately, I’ve been noticing crows and grackles a lot more than formerly. The notice occurs partly because I’ve seen some good books and a DVD on crows. The first book I was exposed to was “Crow Planet.” It’s a good overview on crows and how they interact with humans. Perhaps even better for a “first exposure” to crow society is the DVD “A Murder of Crows.”
For those that already have gotten past initial crow interest, two other books are “Gifts of the Crow” and “In the Company of Crows and Ravens.”
Perhaps significantly, the Colleyville TX library has no books on crows. The smaller Ocean Shores WA library has two books on crows AND the DVD. Personally, I like crows a LOT better than grackles. They simply seem a lot more personable. YOUR mileage may vary.

FYI, the Amazon links are purely for convenience. Amazon doesn’t pay me to hype their site and I didn’t go to same for any of the four references.

Did Crows Snatch this Mailbox's Eye?


cafiend said...

Cool grackle swarm.

Chandra said...

Nice comparison of the Grackle and the Crow.
You know, in the language Tamil, Kaakaa (or Kaakai, for those who want to be formal) means crow.
I remember 635 and MacArthur where the Grackle used to congregate.

Peace :)

Trevor Woodford said...

Interesting post Steve....When I was younger I was a keen bird watcher but this was a bird that I was not aware of....

Steve A said...

Trevor, in Gift of Crows, the author relates a story about the Tower of London ravens mourning when one of their keepers passed away.

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