Monday, August 18

Two Steps Forward and One Back

Toto, I Think We're in Kansas! Jaguar en Route from Texas
It seems things go “two steps forward and one step back.” Such has been the case in Ocean Shores lately. We recently drove up from Texas with one of the Jaguars in tow. Step forward.
I’ve also been riding more each week than I was able to do in the previous five months. It doesn’t even hurt very much. Second step forward.
Coming Home. The Jaguar Offloads from the Trailer
A new restaurant opened up this week in a location formerly occupied by an EXCELLENT taco stand. They went to the trouble of taking OUT a bike rack that didn’t impinge on motorist parking at all. Luckily, I'm not sure I would have been likely to become a patron even had they left the bike rack unmolested. Stay tuned for a future inquiry. What’s more, the Ocean Shores Farmer Market has been relocated from its attractive location at the library to the far end of a giant gravel parking lot. Apparently the motoring public wasn’t happy with the amount of parking. Myself, my enthusiasm for the local farmer market is lessened when I have to ride past the local IGA and across a giant gravel parking lot to pay quite a bit more for produce than I did last year. One step back…

Despite the Loss of a Bike Rack, Many People Cycled to the Ocean Shores "Woofathon" Last Weekend


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Cool Jag!

Khal said...

Nice car! Also, glad to hear you are riding more.

My wife and I got back on the tandem this weekend for the first time since her hiking accident in June. The knee and hand have healed up enough to both lean on the hand and pedal the bike, at least for short trips.

cafiend said...

Riding good! Local produce good! Two or three SU carburetors...good if you like that sort of thing.

I never had any trouble with my two. But internal combustion and I don't hang out together nearly as much as we used to.

Chandra said...

What a cool looking automobile!
Glad to see this post.
Peace :)

limom said...

nice coupe!

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