Thursday, February 2

Passing of Stan

Stan and No Mo from Historylink
In my post, here, I lamented the passing of one of my television childhood heroes, JP Patches. Last Friday, Stan Boreson joined him. For my loyal reader that isn't from Seattle, Stan Boreson held sway over KING TV, which competed mightily against JP. Still, JP and Stan were friends and joined together many times after they both got cancelled. Stan was a lot more musical than JP. Stan's passing was reported in the Seattle Times here and in the Everett Herald here.

While one my all-time favorites of Stan's was "I Don't Look Good Naked Any More." That song gloried in getting older. His classic was the King's Klubhouse theme shown below. I suspect that a local television personality that made fun of his own Scandinavian heritage is not going to show up again on television in our lifetimes.

RIP Stan. For now, his site remains up here. It has links to may of his classics. How can you go wrong listening to "I saw Hulda Kissing Uncle Sven" or "Yonson From Wisconsin?"


mike w. said...

Thank you for this. Although i never lived in Seattle, this brought to mind the bygone TV Kids' shows and their hosts.. Ray Rayner, Kukla, Fran & Ollie, Sheri Lewis & Lambchop, to name a few from my childhood. Simpler times, and programs the likes of which will never be seen again.

Steve A said...

The Shari Lewis Show was on in Seattle for a few years in the early 60's as a NBC offering. I did like Lambchop very much.

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