Monday, February 6

Where the West Begins

Barrel Racing
There are touristy things to do around Fort Worth. While Sundance Square isn't any kind of place that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid would recognize, they'd probably feel much more at home at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FSSR).

Apparently, I've failed as a parent since none of my kids had ever been to a rodeo with their dad. In fact, the oldest had never been to a rodeo at all. We corrected that on Friday, by going to the FSSR. I think our favorite event was the Calf Scramble, since the calves reminded us of our dog when he tries to sneak away without getting caught after having committed some transgression.

Having checked off that box, my oldest can honestly say: "This ain't my first rodeo!"

Bull Riding was a Premier Event


cafiend said...

yee, and likewise, haw

GreenComotion said...

You are an awesome bicycling parent, I bet.
That is a very nice photo, Steve.
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

Trevor Woodford said...

What a great action shot Steve.....

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