Monday, March 6

Cold Here Too

Only One Vehicle Dared to Brave the Cold this Morning in Ocean Shores - Who Says You Need 4WD?
Just as in North Texas, as noted here and (even better) here, bitter cold winter conditions have bedeviled Ocean Shores, Washington.

Dead Juniper in the Yard
Following a period in which the local lake froze over, we had a drought in the greenhouse that, combined with the dark and cold winter, wiped out all of the vegetation except some of the onions. What's more, the winter, combined with a reciprocating saw, wiped out our Juniper bushes in the front yard.

To top things off, we've got sleet covering up the landscape. As you can see at the top of this post, there's only been one vehicle going down our street this morning.

Still, like our hardy Texas cousins, we will replant and rebuild! Luckily, unlike California's Donner Party, the local grocery store is less than two miles away. Still things are looking up in Ocean Shores. We've actually got Internet at the house now. It's only 3Mbps, but that's still better than depending on cellular data.
WHAT We're Replanting in Ocean Shores

Getting Ready for a New Shed Door


cafiend said...

Your sturdy pioneer spirit is inspiring. :-P

Steve A said...

Reading cafiend's comment, I'm inspired to trudge outside and water the dirt inside the greenhouse. As if that weren't enough, I may split a couple of logs to keep the home fires burning...

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