Sunday, August 6

Plastic Fantastic

FAIL of the Plastic Tire Iron

The first thing I needed to do to the Univega was get the front tire to hold air. Accordingly, I removed the tire and tube. I found out the tire had an oversize tube, so I simply replaced the tube with a new one of the correct size. Along the way, I discovered that my plastic "tire iron" wasn't up to the job. Note to self: carry a plastic tire iron on the road, but keep the steel ones to use at home when a "real fix" is necessary. I guess there's a reason that steel "iron" was used back in the day instead of the plastic they give you nowadays.

Along the same line, our Jaguar car club had its annual show yesterday. One of the cars, a mid 1950's XK 140 emphasized the theme of this post. From a distance, it looks like the car has some gold trim. You can see it below.

Note Gold Color Around the Headlights and Turn Signals
However, if you look closer, you can see a statement is being made.

Some Things Were Done Differently Back in the Day...


cafiend said...

Back in the day, even cheap crap was solidly built.

Steve A said...

per cafiend: "amen"

RANTWICK said...

Pedros? plastic "tire irons" a pretty beefy; I like them. That brass note was pretty cool too.

Steve A said...

OTOH, this is the first time my cheapie plastic levers have ever broken; while removing a tire of unknown history. Buying Pedros would involve a long trip into Hoquiam to the "LBS" or an order from Amazon where I could pick it up at my LPO (Local Post Office). On the road, if one broke, I could use the multi-tool to assist in the tire change.

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