Thursday, August 13

Frankenbike Tours Lubbock

Worse than bricks are bricks in traffic. But what would Lubbock be without a visit to see Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs in "Prairie Dog Town?" So I went. Really, bricks are better than Westport. I actually got a photo of one of the little guys. They look like squirrels without the bushy tails. Another item off the bucket list.

Coming back, I found a brick-free route and even saw some "Bike Route" signs. After I got back, I found a route map on the Lubbock City site. The one I rode on seemed pretty nice. Then we visited the Buddy Holly statue. Is Frankenbike ready for its closeup?

One nice thing about riding around is just trying different routes. Bricks are just one of the features. At least it appears Lubbock has no cobblestones. It also appears that the TTU bike lane craze has not infected the rest of the city. I can't say if the drivers are any nicer than our Tarrant County bunch, but they were polite and there were less of them. And Lubbock isn't as flat as you think.

According to our parent briefing today, I'm supposed to relax tomorrow while my daughter frantically struggles with registration. Sounds like a plan. Is there anything else to see around Lubbock? What time does the windmill center open up?


Chandra said...

What is that animal? Is he a Groundhog or a Prairie dog? Good lookin' feller :)

Steve A said...

Prairie Dog

Rat Trap Press said...

So your daughter is going to Texas Tech, does this mean you are going to be making frequent trips to Lubbock? I've been there a couple of times for work but the only riding I did was on the mountain bike trail.

I like the photo by the Buddy Holly statue.

Steve A said...

I think I'll be visiting Lubbock more often. Keep in mind that Lubbock is more than halfway to Taos Ski Valley and TSV now allows snowboards. Kowabunga!

OTOH, does this mean I'll have to get a mountain bike to ride the Lubbock mountain bike trail or can I use Buddy?

Rat Trap Press said...

It's been a long time since I rode the trail out there, 1998 or 1999. It was in a city park if I remember correctly. The trail wasn't very technical but had lots of loose rock. I would suggest riding something with knobbies.

Is TSV one of those resorts that caters to mountain biker during the summer? I'll have to look it up.

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