Friday, February 12

Great Fun

I took the "Laundry Recovery Vehicle" to work on Friday. It was definitely a step up from Thursday's namby pamby snow. Amazingly, a number of people asked if I'd ridden my bike to work, even though it was our first "zero" Motorcycle Meter day on record. It brought back memories of Stevens Pass and blizzards long ago...

PanzerSchlepper Ready to Roll From Home

The Nemesis Road Looks a Little Different
From the Predator Viewpoint
The Median is Somwhere in that LH White Area

It Never Fails to Amaze Me Just How Many
Acres are Devoted to Simple Parking

Major Coffee Chain Was Missing
Most of Their Drive Through Business

Compare This Table With That
Shot Yesterday Morning

The Alliance Gateway Freeway
Was Lacking Cyclists This Morning. Note the Signal Lights

For Rantwick's Mom
PanzerSchlepper in the Cabela's Parking Lot Service Road


Rantwick said...

My Mom thanks you, because she could still sense the danger....

Velouria said...

Starbucks and Land Rovers! We can relate : )

Chandra said...

The first photo is a real nice one!

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